The jewel of tatami matting®



In Japan, an expression goes, “half a tatami for waking and one tatami for sleeping.” As such, tatamis have been made based on our life scales. The “four-and-a-half tatami” is the smallest unit of a Japanese room; it can be a venue for a sophisticated tea ceremony or a room used in our daily lives to have a good time with family and friends.
Without realizing it, DIARON has engaged in sustainable activities through the tatami business. In addition, we are willing to extend that as much as possible within our reach.
As a manufacturer, we have adopted the concept of “responsible consumption and production” to the half-tatami without edges which is the signature product of DIARON.
Tatami’s history has continued for more than a thousand years— we will take action towards the next millennium as our own Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

No PovertyGender EqualityAffordable and Clean Energy
Decent Work and Economic GrowthSustainable Cities and CommunitiesResponsible Consumption and Production
Climate ActionLife on LandPartnerships for the Goals

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